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green hot chili powder

green hot chili powder

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Green Hot Chili Powder

Material Origin: Hebei China, Henan Chia, Tianjin China,Gansu China, Shandong China
Hot Unit: 10,000-15,000 shu
Size:            60/70 mesh
Foreign Material:   Neg
Moisture:          8% max
Total Ash:         7% max
Acid insoluble ash: 1.5% max
E. Coli: Neg
Salmonella: Neg/ 375g
Aflatoxin B1:    5 ppb max
Aflatoxin Total:  10 ppb max
Ochratoxin:     20ppb max
Packing:        25kg / PP bag with inner plastic bag heat sealed
                25kg / Paper Craft bag with inner plastic bag heat sealed
                Or according to customers’ requirements