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Ningxia Black wolfberry

Ningxia Black wolfberry

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FOB Price: Min. Order:
US $ 1000 1ton

Production Capacity: 10000ton/year
Package: According your request
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,D/P

Our blackberries are picked from organic fruits and vegetables farm base which is awarded Certificate of Good Agricultural Practice.

These fully ripe superb fruits are processed through washing, sorting, metal detecting, individual quick freezing(IQF), re-sorting and freezing under control of the Food Safety Management System and ISO22000. 

we do not produce nor sell what we do not like to eat or drink.

We guarantee to provide you nature, fresh, organic, green, non-pollution, additive free, delicious, safe and healthy foods.

Zhongliang will continue a determined commitment to pursuit of perfection for ever.

Nutritions of blackberry:

Name of mineral contents
water 88.0~88.8%
Sugar(mainly reducing sugar) 5.5~7.0%
crude protein 1.5~1.7%
Vitamin  E 3.0 mg/100g
Vitamin  B1 0.08 mg/100g
Mineral element Selenium 2.71μg/g
Soluble solid 6.5~8.5%
Organic acid 1.2~1.4%
Vitamin  C 8.5~10.5mg/100g
Vitamin K 0.08~0.11 mg/100g
Vitamin  B2 0.06 mg/100g
amino acid(total) 1000mg/100g

Specification Grade A                        Unit Price(USD)/ kg Picture MOQ/kg
Organic black goji  58.85    30
Packing Condition: 15kg/ctn; 9000kgs/600ctns/1*20'FCL 
Packing Materials: Plastic bag.
Period of Delivery: 15-20 days
Period of Validity of the Quotation: 15days (Weekend included.)
Please note: we aslo support OEM

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