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Argentina Red Prawn

Argentina Red Prawn

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Size: L2
Packaging: 1kg/Case
Discription: Name: Argentine red prawn 

Origin: the southeast coast of the South American continent, southwest Atlantic waters .. 

Argentine red prawn grown in pure unpolluted waters of the South Atlantic, immediately after the water plant on board quickly frozen to minus 20 degrees Celsius, in order to lock the freshness and nutrients red prawn because of its raw materials from the wild, ocean fishing, low-temperature growth of pure waters, so its large thin shell meat, tender meat creamy, delicious taste. has a natural, bright pink prawn, particularly attractive. 

Nutritional value: 
Argentine red prawn in addition to conventional nutrients contained shrimp, its nearly 30 percent per 100g protein content, energy 351 kJ (4%) reserves, 209mg sodium element, and its carbohydrate content is zero, so Argentine red prawn is listed as one of the world's three best three raw prawn.